Hey it’s me again…

…I put something on the Other Writing page…I didn’t want to have a dropdown overload, so you have to go to the page to get to it. It’s fairly interesting, go ahead and look.

…Speaking of dropdowns, do I have too many on the chapters? Does it look bad? Should maybe I do the chapters in chunks?

…Man, that would be a lot of work.

…I’m hungry.

…I have a choice between literary theory, a sociology paper about Walmart, and reading a sociology textbook. I really should be doing one of them. Time to play pick your poison.

…I canvassed like fifty houses today, no joke, and my feet are tired.

…On the other hand, maybe dad will watch Star Trek with me when he gets home.

… Ellipses are fun.

…I’m hungry.

Welcome to my head on a typical Sunday afternoon. Get some work done Brain! No…ugh…why.

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