Random Sheena Piece

Sheen thought about going to visit Nora while Jacques was gone, but she got to the door and as she was about to knock, heard Petto giggling and Nora laughing. Sheen backed away, remembering the vague look on the little girl’s face the last time she saw her, wondering how that child could be so happy. I don’t want to disturb them she decided, if Nora isn’t worrying already, I don’t need to force her.

Instead, she hovered in the Trade for a time. She thought about running back home for something to eat and just camping out there in the center of the colony until he was back, but just then a clot of people from Traveler’s Rest came out of the building and looked at her oddly in unison. She decided to leave.

Just waiting in her house was completely out of the question. She knew that probably wouldn’t be good for either herself or the furniture. When Sheena was anxious, she had to be moving, and pacing wouldn’t do it. Too repetative. Once when she was six, Nitara, her mother, had arranged for her to go to the Laios missionary and take lessons. That was before they came to the snow mountains, when they lived in a tiny apartment in Uto. Sheena had woken up even earlier than usual that first morning and walked in crazed circles around the hut, trying not to retrace any path. Her mother had laughed when she woke up. “What are you doing?”


“Most people walking the same lines when they pace, sweet pea.”

“That’s boring.” Sheena didn’t look down at the floor or at her mother but straight ahead.

“You’re just like your father. He could never sit still.”

Sheena heard the hint of new information and clung to it, setting aside the pacing for now. “Am I like him in other ways?”

“Exactly like him.” Nitara knelt on the bed Sheena joined her. “I never understood him enough.”

“Why not?”

“Because he was a full-blooded elf, just like you.” Nitara’s father had been half-white, but that wasn’t what she was talking about.

“Oh.” Sheena had run up against that answer before. “You say that a lot.”

“Do I?”

“People do. What does it mean?”

“It means that you don’t belong to the name I gave you,” Nitara said softly. She tucked Sheena’s hair behind her ear. “It means that you would run to the trees the minute you saw the forest, and I’d have a hard time finding you again.”

“I would come find you, then.”

“I hope so.”

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