For the sillier version, go here.

The short story of this blog is that I wrote a story (the longest I’d finished, at the time) in sixth grade. Years later, I looked at it and thought, wow, this was really bad, but maybe I can make it into something better! I already had this blog but wasn’t putting much into it, so I started to document my progress as an incentive to keep going. It’s been about a year now, the story is 110 pages and still not completed, but I’ve put it all on here and intend to finish it (someday soonish, maybe?)

I recently decided to open this up and start blogging about my life and other things. Here is a link to the post that introduces the shift.

As for me, I am sixteen, I live in Minnesota, and my name is Sarah. Yes, Nora from my story was based on me originally but has morphed into a different person these days. I am an older sister, a stagemanager, a high school student taking some pseo classes, a campaign intern, a lover of science fiction or otherwise awesome TV, a word addict, and trying to decide what kind of mark I want to make. My parents would say I am kind, lazy, thoughtful, and occasionally clueless. My friends would say I am nerdy, talkative, and far more book smart than street smart. My sister would say I am a know-it-all, always wanting to hug her, and annoying. They would all agree that I’m just weird. But then again, they all are too.


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  1. bigbadwolf31
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 08:41:17

    I think that is a great idea! What I’ve read so far is good! You should definitely keep going.


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