Chapter 11

chapter 11

the fight


The next morning, Nora saw a flash of red on the vally-2 low muntains merged together wih a vally in between them. the red, when she looked closer, prooved to be an Irka’s jacket. and more were coming through thier gate. Nora had been sitting on the ledges, and now dropped and crawled to the shaow of Mt. Yinin were she could not be seen. then she sounded a call to arms. first she woke Zena and Sheeno, sleeping on the dirty hills, which had been recently covered with snow. Zena woke with a start and jumped to her feet. “commmander Nora, wake the troops. Captain Sheeno, scout out the area, and go when there’s only 1 lefft at the fort. if they all come, even better. i’ll get the sticks.”

Nora hurried to wake Jhacks. he mumbled and  rolled over. she shook him and pked him, pulled his hair and dropped snow on him. finally she delivered a blow to his butt with her foot. he woke with a start, rolling down the side of the mountain. he looked up and saw Nora standing where he had been sleeping. “hey! thats not nice!”

“get in position, you moron, or you’ll expirience first-hand from the irkas whats not nice!”

Jhacks saw the approaching Irkas and scrambled up the mountain. Nora turned to go wake Peto, who got up imediatly, not like some people.

Zena handed a sword to each of them, except Sheeno. “right now, you all know the plan. captain Sheeno has informed me that approaching are king Tibbat, Commander Cragg, Rouk, Brakis, and Bob. it will be no trouble at all for her to get in position. Commander Nora, peto, get in position. Captain Sheeno, hide and start out as soon as you can. Jhacks, stand with me at the front. we’re going to give theose Irkas what they deserve!”


by now the Irkas had reached the pass. nora tensed as they went through it, and relaxed when the Tangas didn’t show themselves. she didn’t want them joining the fight at all. she knew that Onie must have warned them, and hoped they would stay out of it. Zena was just as good a commander as cragg, though the Irkas did have more trained troops.


as the Irkas climbed Mt. Yinin, Zena barred thier way. holding her sword in front of her, she asked in a voice as cold as snow “what do you want with our land?”

Commander Cragg replied “may i present King Tibbat.”

Cragg turned and kneeled. brakis and Rouk were behind him, and they too kneeled. Bob the scout laid down a leaf and said “make way for King tibbat!”

the king strode through the Irkas. he was holding a long stick, and looked rather like a normal soldier. he reched Commander Cragg and turned to the other troops. telling them “rise” he turned back to Zena.

Zena was finding the whole thing ludicris, seeing as the king was nothing out of the ordinary. but, she knew better than to provoke enemies.

“so, what do yo want here, Tibbat?”

“use my title. we’ve come to take over this land, using war if nessesary. we are not afraid to use force. now, hand over your weapns, or we will attack.”

Zena’s face showed no emotion, except strenghth. she punched King Tabbat on the ear. “have it your own way, Irka”

Tibbat brought up his sword. Zena blocked it. while the two of them stood testing each others strength, Tibbat yelled “attack!”

Rouk and Brakis fanned out from either side of Tibbat. Bob and cragg followed.


then Chaos ensued.

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