Chapter 12

chapter 12

not much time


Jhacks was immediatly plunged into a fight with Rouk. as he swerved and parryed, he thought these Irkas are better trained than we are. then Rouk slid his sword so that the point hit Jhack’s hand. Nora was in a sword lock with Commander Cragg, and she looked up to see jhacks drop his sword and suck his hand. she barely had time to shout “you idiot” before ROuk struck Jhacks on the head. Jhacks fell over, clearly knocked out. COmmander Cragg took advantage of the distraction and whavked Nora on the stomach. wheezing, she doubled up beside Jhacks. while she got her breath back Commander Cragg ran away, toward the Pie Shop and Peto’s buckets of snow. nora go her breath back, and stood up, but before she could run to help peto brakis blocked her and held up his sword. nora had to fight him. her managed to push her back, all the way back down travelors rest, (which by the way goes on for a long time) until Nora knew she was getting knowwhere. gathering her strength, sheswung her sword and knocked him out. then she stepped over him and started running pell-mell toward the Pie Shop, and, she hoped, victory.


after he left Nora, Commander Cragg hurried toward a small mound where he could lie low until he could get the cuts that girl had given him clean. as he approache dhim, a small girl popped up. she was dressed in miss-matched clothing, and a ludicriss cloth hat was on her hat. at the sound  of his feet, she asked “Nora? fire buckets now?” this was obviosly Nora’s little sister. his first thought was to deal with her, but then he realized she was holding a bucket of snow. ah! if i can keep her talking, she won’t focus on her job. but what to talk about ot a 6-year-old? fortunatly, Peto started the conversation. “Fluffy” she said, reaching up to touch his hat. he was fond of his hat. it was black, with blue feathers across it. it looked rather like a mohawk. “yeah, i got it when i served as an officer in the Kanian army.” the words had tumbled uot of his mouth without his thinking. he hoped the girl didn’t have anything against Kana. she didn’t seem afraid of the word, though. “come. sit. Nora tells me to always ask travelors ta sit.” the girl patted the snow beside her. Cragg sat down. “me Peto. why ypu Irkas try totake our land?” that was an uncomfortable question. somehow, Cragg felt like it was wrong to try to take land from this child. before he could answer, he heard the pounding of feet and saw Nora running toward them.


Nora’s speed increased as she saw peto talking to Commander Cragg. how could he be hurting Peto? then he looked up. as if in slow motion, she saw the sowrd comeing up to hit her head. she saw black dots at the edge of her vision and Peto’s shocked face. she heard peto say “Fluffy! why you hurt Nora?” Fluffy? what did that Irkas do to Peto? before the blackness closed in, Nora thought now there’s only Zena left. Sheeno better hurry, we haven’t got much time.


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