Chapter 13

chapter 13
Sheeno’s fight

Sheeno had sped under the bushes. she waited for a time, until the Irkas had the upper hand. no one was injured badly, and when Zena was fighting only King Tibbat, she stood up to make her move.

Nora woke from someone shaking her. she opened one eye. it was Jhacks, looking rather a little worse for wear but not injured. “are you alright?” jhacks asked.
“i’m fine. man, Jhacks, you make the worst soldier in Kana! dropping your sword to lick a cut like a kitten! honestly!”
“shut up. Zena’s got everyone down except Rouk and that king guy.everyone else is uncontious, except…”
“who? peto?”
“no, Peto is just sitting down. theyleft her alone. can you stand?”
Nora stood up and slappped Jhack’s cheek. of course i can stand, Jhacks, why wouldn’t i be able to?”
“welll, i,”
at that moment, Sheeno stood up at the gates of the fort. “hey! Irkas!”
both Zena and King Tibbat stopped fighting and looked. “you like this land, don’t you?”
“yes” king Tibbat called back
“well, then, if you don’t get your butts off my land RIGHT NOW i’m goingto claim this land.”
Rouk stepped up to his king. “sire, i can run and catch her. then we will have both places.”
“you fool, you think you cn out-hide a sneak elf?”
“Irka! will you leave that land or i will claim this in 10seconds!”
“okay, okay!” King tibbat yelled. “i’ll get all my men over there now!”
he told Rouk to go get brakis, who was still lying, stunned, on travelors rest. Bob the scout had been lying low and now went to drag Commander Cragg. in a matter of minutes, all the Irkaswere back in thier fort and Seeno was safely back in thesnow mountains.

Zena was sure that the Irkas would not attack again. they were to fond of thier land.

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