Chapter 14

chapter 14
sweet and sour

actually, Zena was wrong. the Irkas did attack again. it was the next morning, and a well formed attack. when they were all still sleeping, COmander Cragg led his troop up Mt. Yinin. first, Bob held Sheeno, to keep her from melting into the prairie. then, Brakis strted to wake Jhacks from sleep. this prooved to be as impossible for him as it had been for Nora, and he couldn’t shove Jhacks down the mountain bcause then he could wake and escape. Rouk was assigned to Peto, and King Tibbat had victory over Zena at last. then Commander Cragg held Nora’s shoulders. he looked at her brown hair, her helpless face, and for a moment, it didn’t feel right to rob this girl of her prperty. he hadfelt the same way talking to Peto yesterday. but then, Nora woke, and her face became dark. “crap, Zena, i knew they would come again.”
“your right, we never give up. now surrender, and i’ll let you leave.”
“i would never surrender to you, Irka. my blood belongs in this land. if your going to kill me, kill me here, so my spirit will be happy.”
“brave words. but i do notmean to harm you. w could use you, and the half-godess and the sneak elf as well. but, i’ll have to pesuade you. Rouk, bring the girl.”
Rouk walked forward leading Peto. Nora felt fear cover her in its icy arms and suddenly knew what Commander Cragg was going to do. Sheeno &Zena looked horified. Brakis was still trying to wake Jhacks, with no sucess. Peto, on the other hand, didn’t seem worried at all. she wasn’t smiling, but her face was light, and she looked as thouhg Jhacks had been told to watch her and she knew how to give him the slip. rouk dragged her up to where Commander Cragg and nora were standing. Peto looked at him and Nora, and then asked “fluffy, why you no let Nora go?”
what is Peto playing at? Nora wondered. Commander Cragg ignored Peto, and turned instead to Nora. “now, Nora, if you do not surrender your land, than your sister will be killed.”
“oh, you haven’t got the heart for that, i think.” sneered Zena.
“Nora! Fluffy just playin’. don’ belive him.” Peto called from behind Cragg. Rouk grabbed her mouth and silenced her.
“i…” Nora didn’t know what to say. she certainly didn’t want ot lose her sisiter, or her land. she thought that shehad made up her made up her mind to surrender, when she saw Sheeno making frantic signals toward herself, the fort, and Bob the Scout. ah! Sheeno had a good idea for a distraction. Nor aremembered, when she had gone over thhe blan for defence Sheeno had siad, theres no’thin as good as a dstra’ction. then Sheeno was making more signs. she pointed to the sleeping Jhacks, and mimed throwing up. Nora faced COmmander Cragg, and said “i sent our male sneak-elf to you fort ages ago.” Cragg looked starteled. he glanced at his men. “Brakis, let go of that slumbering bear and run to the fort.” Brakis let go of Jhacks, and Nora said “oh, i wouldn’t send him there. Jhacks has been sick for days, fevering and pukig all over the place. he went into delarium last night. Brakis probably picked up the germ already. i wouldn’t want him infesting your whole fort with the germs.”
“alright, then Nora, we’ll deal with that male sneak-elf of your later. right now, though, tell me: will you surrender your land?”
there was no other good answer. Nora took a deep breath, and said, “yes” she was, all at once, mad at the Irkas for taking what was hers. but, she thought, they would have killed Peto. i didn’t have a choice.
“kill the girl. we have no need to have her as a prisoner” King Tibbat told Rouk.
Nora was Horrified, butshecould do nothing. peto at last portrayed fear, as ROuk’s sword, speacially sharppened, went toward her heart…
Bob the scout sees the sword, too. he runs toward Rouk, calling peto! no! he knocks Rouk sword form his hand, and Peto falls. Commander Cragg releases Nora. in one swift movement, by instinct, without thinking, Commander Cragg brings his sowrd up to meet Bob’s chest, while calling You Trater and I should Have KNown, and his sowrd pierces Bob’s heart, and as he romoves it, bloody, and his face is horrrified and comfused as bob falls, never to rise again. and Nora has seen it all, and keeping back sorrow, she speakes to Cragg, get out of our land, you bloodthirsty beast, and Commander Cragg calles his men to leave, still scared by what he has done, and he turnes to go but is metby the face of Trish, and Tangas.

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