Chapter 15

chapter 15
the end

the battle that followed was quick. the Irkas, except for Rouk, did not have the heart to fight, and they soon retreated back to thier fort. after they had gone, Nora alloed the well of sorrow she had held back to erupt and acover her, and all of a sudden she found herself crying with Zena. after she regained control of herself, they bagan to dig a hole in the prairie. after it was dug, they held the burial. Zena lowered Bob into the grave. Nora stood, and waited until Zena was standing next to her. she said “bob, you were so brave and smart, we could not have won the battle without you. thank you for saving Peto’s life, and for helping to bring around a victory that was sweet, but oh so sour at your passing. we’ll miss you.”
the Tangas were all there, heads bowed, and everyone who had lived in the snowmiuntains and fought against the Irkas. after the Irkas had retreated, Jhacks had woken up, (finally) and seen Bob’s body. Sheeno had explained the whole thing to him, and eventually he had beencrying,to.
Nora had asked Trish, later, why the Tanga’s had come to help. through Onie, Trish hadexplained. “see you fight, not want to help. i say, Nora war, no me. Bob kill, i see Irkas may kill us next. Onie say, like other time, we help, i say yes, so we stand, irkas come, we fight”

at the same time, Commander Cragg had voiced his opinion that it was cruel to take land away. it wasn’t fair, and they hadplenty of land, and better land at that. King Tibbat had aggreede, and sohad Brakis, but ROuk wanted to fight again. “i don’t care what you say! i’m going to fight!”
king Tibbat was mad.”we will not fight. you will have to leave this land. go!”
so Rouk left, and Brakis asked if Nora would attack them. Cragg didn’t know, but Zena might want to. and thenPeto came into the fort. the funeral was over, and everyone was filling in the grave. she approached with out a bit of caution, and called “fluffy? Nora say she no attack you? but Zena say we should have peace treaty”
Cragg, aka. Fluffy, had agreed. they worked out atreaty that said,

peace treaty for the war of the snow mountains
the Irkas shall not attack the army of Mt. Yinin, or the people of the pass known as the Tangas, led by COmmande Zena and COmmander Trish, and Captain Nora. all residents shall be able to go wherever in the snow mountain they wish without fear. a tradeing sapce shall be set up at the place known as The Valley.
singed by

King Tibbat

Commander Cragg

Commander Zena

Captain Nora

Commander Trish

witnessed by:



all the Irkas signed it in thier given space, and peto took it home to the snow Mountains, where it was also signed. as Peto took it back to the Irkas, Nora watched her. “it will be alright, you know.” shesaid to Zena. “everything will work out just fine.”

The End

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