Chapter 3



One morning, Nora was busy carving a hollow for her and Peto to sleep in when she heard a curious noise in the ground. The sort of sound that feet make. She looked up and saw a boy about her own age dancing and singing his way toward her. He was sliding from side to side and his song went like this:

“It’s a jolly good day for me, for me

I see a place to make some tea, some tea

And I can rest my achin’ knee.”

Then he sat himself down on the mountain across from travelers rest. Nora marched up to him. He was wearing some old clothes that looked as though they had come off the supply cart long ago. His shirt was a tee with a thin jacket over it. His pants were baggy but thick-looking. His hair needed a comb, since it was brown and sticking up all over the place. He looked up at Nora as she approached.

“Hello, who are you?”

“Who told you you could stay here?”

“I told myself.”

“I see. Well, that’s my land. Everything over here, beyond that pass is mine.”

“Hmm. I’m going to sleep here.”

Nora was about to refuse when she had an idea. “Alright. You can stay here if you tell me your name, and if you do something for me.”

“My mane is Jhacks, but you can call me Yo. What do you want from me?”

Trying to hide her laughter at his name, Nora replied “i want you to watch Peto, my younger sister. I’m Nora. If you ever lat Peto past that pass I’ll kill you.”

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