Chapter 6



True to her promise, Nora accompanied Onie to the pass. The Tanga’s were all slumped against the side of the pass, pressing snow on their wounds. Onie walked up to Trish and mentioned for Nora to follow. Nora had her doubts but went forward all the same, holding another seed plant. Trish’s eye was black ad had a nasty cut over it. She had put snow and silk plant silk on it, which was good for numbing the pain but not for stopping to blood. But when Nora touched the wound, Trish hissed and spoke the only English words she knew. Sadly, Nora turned away. She had been afraid of this. Trish and the others, except for Onie, knew she was with Jhacks. Behind her, she heard Onie speaking to Trish like this: “tartiu rubylru luuy luyl uiiuy ute ul. Uyl u awsy uyt ngjuu dkk. JyFGEG! Id ajd gog! Fb sf jsfg!”* Nora then heard Onie sobbing. “please, Trish! Please!” “I hjdfh fsfd oke d! slei bu!** Zena had seen the whole thing. She comforted Nora.


*“she wasn’t with him she cured me well. She could help you too. Please! Listen to me! I trust her!” **“now you speak her language! Shut up!”



later that day Nora saw Onie use the seedplant on Trish, Sayish and Mappi.

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