Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Bob the Scout


Nora had not seen the last of Jhacks. He came back in the morning, saying that Nora  was mean and that she didn’t need all her land. Nora said that she hated him. he said he didn’t care. he was going to live there. then they started insulting each other.

“you don’t deserve to be desended from the Jordans!”

“your ancesters should have stayed with thier language, so i couldn’t understand you!”

“your worse than the Irkas!”

eventually they started wrestling. Jhacks shoved Nora of Mt. Yinin. Nora leapt back up andgave him a face full of snow. he lunged at her and she swerved. at one point they had hold of each others arms and were shoving with all their might. it was Jhacks, facing the pass, who saw the stranger coming. he let go of Nora and she fell flat on her face. Jhacks spoke to the stranger.

“hi there! i’m Jhacks the almighty, and this is my land! get off before i throw you to the Tangas!”

Nora stood up. butting Jhacks to one side, she adressed the stranger.

“don’t listen to him! i’m Nora of the Snow Mountians, and this is my land. Jhacks is the illcompetent baby-sitter that i hired to watch my sister. you are welcome to stay!”

it was Jhack’s turn to shove Nora aside.

“get away, slave. i’m very sorry! that was one of the natives that was here when i arrived. i captured her and her sister and she is most rebelious. this is an outpost of Kana, i am ordered to hold down this post. state your name and buissness!”

the stranger watched them with an amused smile. when Nora came to th front again, she approached the stranger and led him to travelors rest.

“hes being stupid. i’m right. who ever heard of Kana making outposts anyway? please sit down. would you like some reed?”

“thank you very much, Nora. i’m Bob the Scout. i came to find out more about the people who live here. who lives at that fort? i swear i heard rumors of war as i passed.”

Nora dropped the reed she was holding. “they are our sworn enemys. are they really preparing for war?”

“let us talk of war leter. may i see your family?”

“of course. Jhacks, go fetch Peto! and make her washe herself up!”

Jhacks got Peto with some difficulty. after she was introduced to Bob, Nora told her not to go into the prairie, but instead play in the old pie shop.

“now, tell me more of this war, Bob.”

“i don’t know much. but they do plan to take over. i doubt your much of a warrier, Nora.”

“i’m tougher than you think. i can fight, but i’d rather not.”

(that was Jhacks talking)

“he wasn’t talking to you, dope. i could fight, but i’m rather light. Peto has no training, though, and i’d rather not have her participate.”

“hmm. it  could be a good idea to find out thier plan.”

Nora jumped up. “i’ll get Sheeno, she’s especially good at spying.”

Bob was hesitant. “this is a job for inside spying. no human could sneak around that fort and not get seen.”

“sheeno is no human”

Sheeno has called for. “what, Nora? i been getting  ‘bit bored here, tho’ i do ‘njoy your home.”

“your in luck, Sheeno. we’ve got a job only a seak elf can acomplish. i need you to spy on the Irkas.”

“piece o’ cake, Nora. i know that area well.”

and she slid down the side of Mt. Yinin. when she reached the grasses that ended at the irkas fort, she looked back.then she ducked, and disapered, becoming simply a ripple of wind on the grass.


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