Chapter 8

Chapter 8

the scout at work


Sheeno returned late that night. he face was disapointed. “‘m sorry, Nora. they saw me. them irkas got good eyes. i was against a tree, and they was sharpening them spears. one ‘o them mighta saw me, tho’ i hightailed it ‘fore ‘e could get a good ‘ole look.”

Nora glanced at Bob.

“thats okay, Sheeno, i think we won’t get anywhere sneaking around. this is an inside job, though they won’t be fooled by any of us.”

“they haven’t seen me, Nora. i could pretend to be thier spy.”


“i say that i will pretend to be your friend.”

“oh! and all the while you’ll be our spy!”

“yes. leave it to me. i haven’t had a god scouting job since i came to Kana.”


the next hour, Bob slipped out into the prairie. by way of the desert, he approached the Irkas fort. at the entry, (which was two small mounds of snow that had a whole like a gate in between them) a sentry was posted. he wasn’t very bright, but bent on ruling the whole kingdom. he was just a common soldier, though. he spotted Bob.

“who gos there?”

“just a poor traveler, wanting entry.”

the Irka sentry was weedy, but strong. he supposed he could overcome any nneedy travelor if the need arise. “come in, then. i been awf’ly bored here.”

“my name is Bob the scout. i was hoping for a job” said Bob as he climbed up to the gate.

“i’m Rouk. i could take ya to the king.”

“you have a king?”

“aye, sure thing, matey. but first rest a bit. where do you come from?” Rouk’s voice was rough and uneducated.

“i’ve been traveling and wandering. say, is that land availible beyond that pass?”

“we’re trying to get  it ourselves. its ruled by a twit of a girl named Nora, and her freaky friends.”

the conversation went on like that, until Rouk agreed to take Bob to the king.


Rouk led Bob through a courtyard, and down the main mountain into the woods, where they made thier spears. further back in the woods was a clearing around the outhouse. the king was seated on a bucket, and holding a spear. he was smart looking, with combed brown hair. Rouk introduced Bob to another Irka waiting to see the king.

“hello. this is Bob. hes hoping to join us. Bob, this is Brakis. Brakis is the other soldier.”

“you only have 2 soldiers?”

“the king and commander fight also. but even an army this small can defeat Nora and her ‘army'”.

“how many does she have?” Braakis asked Rouk.

“some freak half-god, a dirty sneak-elf, her own bratty sister, and the sisters baby-sitter, some singer.”

just then they were allowed to see the king. Roukk introduced Bob.

“your magesty, this is Bob the scout. he wishes to join us.”

“i see. Bob, i am King Tibbat. a scout, you say? can you spy?”

“oh yes, very well”

“i would like you to pretend to be the friend of Nora. find out her weaknesses, weapons, and hiding places.”

“do you lead any attacks on Nora?”

“we are planning one. Commander Cragg will tell you the details. now Rouk, will you tell Bob where the Barracks are? he will be tired. and Brakis, you will take over Rouk’s watch. in the morning, i wat Rouk and Brakis to show Bob the spear making place, and get him one. Bob, i will expect you to go on the first spying mission in the morning.”


Commander Cragg told Bob the plan. it wasn’t much of one. they were going to go through the pass, and then over and around Mt. Yinin. they would swarm Nora and take her by surprise. it would be easy to get her to surrender the land it they had her sister at spear point.

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