Chapter 9

chapter 9



Bob headed toward Nora’s home. she met him and when he told her of the ‘plan’ ahe  laughed. “imagine, not even a back up plan! just swarm Nora and she’ll give up! well, they don’t know one thing about me! i’ll never give up!”

“but, Nora, they will kill Peto if you don’t”

“Peto won’t be here for them to kill. Jhacks will take her through the prairie and to the nearest Kanian tow, Uto.”

“excuse me? i can fight! you forgot who my ancestors were!” Jhacks had been listening.

“quiet, you. you will take Peto, you know citys, so you can stay out of trouble. and it would be wise not to argue, since your just barely in my good books as it is. Zena, Sheeno, an i will fight. Bob will have to act against us, since they would kill him if they found him out.”

“don’t i have any say in this? i’m the one who found this information out anyway. Nora, Peto will be safe. i can teach her to fight.”

“no! she’s to young!”

Zena had been litening, an now added her say. “Nora, remember what i told you when we met? Peto is strong. and Jhacks will be needed to fight. those Irkas may have a dumb plan but they are good fighters.”


“Nora, Peto will be safe. if you like, i can watch and protect her personally. i’m a half-god, remember?”

Nora sighed. Zena was right, of course.

Bob straigtned up. “well, i’d better be getting back to the Irkas. i told Rouk i’d be bck by his watch at noon.”

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