Chapter Thirty Six

This chapter I am definitely marking for revision when I get around to it. Not because it’s bad, per say, but I’d really like to do redo the Sheen/Jacques scene and put Zena into it. Someday…

Also, I realize this is short, and I’m so sorry for abusing the word “chapter” so much. I promise something longer and more chapter-like next time.

A Couple of Pleas

Dear nonexistent readers:

I have been thinking about two things and I wondered if you could help me make a decision:

1. Should I put other things on this blog? Other writing?

2. A Title. Adventure in the Snow Mountains sucks. I’d like to keep “snow” in there somewhere. Maybe something along the lines of “Snow and Ashes”? (Except no, because that sucks too, but that’s the idea.)

Anything you say–anything at all–would be appreciated.


Chapter Thirty Five

Hi again guys. Don’t be fooled: I still like this story. I miss it. I’m busy. Remember last year when I was swamped? This time I have a play, pseo classes, and an internship for a local campaign.

So I did finish this chapter. I’m too lazy to post a link, but it’s under part two of the story.

Chapter Thirty Four

Another short one, but my focus was waning and I decided to leave it with a decent hook for the next one. We’ll see when that is. My birthday’s tomorrow, and I have to work on a story for my grandpa’s birthday, which is also coming up soon. Hmm, maybe I should put that on here too.

Chapter Thirty Three

I feel really good about the direction this took. It’s a very short piece, and should probably go with the chapter from yesterday, when I get around to changing things. But yeah, I like it. I think I know where to go from here, which is the question I’ve been worrying about.

Also, the other day at the fireworks, I cracked a glow stick and it exploded. The blanket and my legs were covered with glowing spots. I looked like the Nav’i from Avatar. I popped a glow stick. I didn’t know that could even happen! Should I be worried about creepy glowing toxins?

Chapter Thirty Two

Yeah, I don’t know but I think it’s finished…it was sooo long ago I wrote the beginning that I wasn’t sure what to do with it anymore. Anyway, it’s short. I will try to work on this more diligently from now on. We’ll see. I think NaNoWriMo spoiled me a ton.

Chapter Thirty One…Finally

Nothing like a month-long hiatus in the middle of a chapter. I swear the way this meeting was going to go changed about ten times as I was writing it, which is one reason it took so long. I NEVER expected it end the way it did, and I really like it, but I have, once again, no idea where we’re headed. In the long run anyway. But here is the long delayed chapter. If it does what I hope it does, it leaves the waters even murkier.

A Poll Attempt

Look, I have absolutely no idea what is going to come out of this. (Or if I would use the results.) But anyway:



(I also broke 100 pages. The chapter isn’t done yet, though. I’m just relieved to be done with the craziness.)

Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty! Didn’t ever think I’d have that many!

Less than a thousand to go!

(it’s 11/29/11 btw.)

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