New Story

Here I will add chapters as I finish them. I will also post an announcement which will link(!!I know how to do that from memory now!!) to the new chapter.


Chapter One – An introduction to the characters and the colony. The beginning of Chapter Two’s conflict.

Chapter Two – A dire announcement and the slight chaos/sorrow that follows.

Chapter Three – Attempts to organize a group of confused teenagers.

Chapter Four – The first meeting of the council.

Council Meeting One – a heated and sarcastic conversation, thanks to Zena.

Chapter Five – Various conversations on various people.

Chapter Six – Preparations for a meeting and a new secondary character.

Council Meeting Two – Exactly what it says on the tin

Chapter Seven – Preparations for a wedding and a new alliance.

Chapter Eight – A wedding and a riot.

Chapter Nine – The aftermath

Chapter Ten – A small time jump and the arrival of Rouk.

Chapter Eleven – Can you say “Atkin is nuts?”

Chapter Twelve – A subtextual and interesting nighttime conversation.

Chapter Thirteen – A Very Big Decision

Chapter Fourteen – The Leaving

Chapter Fifteen – Reactions immediately afterwards.

Chapter Sixteen – Zena

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty Two

Chapter Twenty Three

Chapter Twenty Four

Chapter Twenty Five

Chapter Twenty Six

Chapter Twenty Seven

Chapter Twenty Eight

Chapter Twenty Nine

Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty One

Chapter Thirty Two

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