Note: The italics are what has already changed as I write. This is really just for fun. 

  • Snow mountains an isolated community with representatives from many races/groups. Yep.
  • The adults are drafted to serve in the generations war, nearly all leave. Yep
  • Children, led by Zena, refuse to leave and are instead going to be checked up on by adults from Uto. Ha. Like that would have worked.
  • Children meet to discuss what to do, remake the gov. that the adults left behind. Nora is elected to be the representative from her group, Zena from hers, Sheen from hers, Jacques from his, Atkin from his. If you call that a meeting. 
  • Atkin’s group, often teased, gaining the derogatory name ‘Irkas,’ fall under the influence of a young adult named Rouk. Has happened. With help from Zena. 
  • They eventually break away. Not sure about the ‘eventually’ part. 
  • Conflict within new gov—some think should get Irkas, some think they will attack and should attack them first, some think peace. Zena-attack, sheen-defend, Nora-leave or talk. Nice. That’s really where they stand on it. *sarcasm*
  • Decide to spy on them. Try all available and willing sneak-elves, none successful, sheen refuses to try although she is reputated to be the best.
  • A stranger arrives. He is named Kenri, but doesn’t want people to call him that, preferring to be called Bob. I don’t know if this is actually going to happen, because of how unrealistic. I might try if I can pull it off.
  • Bob presents himself as willing to be a double agent. Soon has earned the nick-name ‘bob the scout’
  • Bob is mostly successful, winning over all the Irkas but Rouk, now the advisor to the main leader, Atkin.
  • Rouk forces Bob to give away his true purpose. He doesn’t tell the others about it. See, this is why I want to do the whole Bob thing. Because I can picture an awesome confrontation scene. 
  • A group, unknown to anyone, is revealed in an as-yet-undetermined way. Some adults had known about them but had promised to keep them a secret from the majority of the community in exchange for peace. The group is a minority, hated or misunderstood by most in the country. They are the last surviving group. They are called ‘Tangas’ derogatorily. Looks to be on track. 
  • There are a few adults in the group. One adult is invited by Zena to be a member of the gov, but is uncomfortable and a teenager, around the age of the others, takes their place. Sheen befriends them. Why would Zena do that?
  • Bob brings reports of a planned attack but can’t give any details due to Rouk’s influence. Jacques is suspicious but says nothing. The gov argues about what to do with the young children. Eventually the plan emerges to move them when attack seems imminent. Bob tells them that he will no longer be able to report back on account of security, however they get the message.
  • After Bob is gone, they debate whether to stay or go. No decision is reached?
  • Cragg sneaks out of the fort in the middle of the night to talk to Nora, telling her to leave and that the Irkas are under a bad influence and they cannot avoid bloodshed. Nora tells the others about it the next day. Nora is convinced negotiations will work but no one else is. Nora would do that. 
  • The Irkas attack soon, no one is killed because of the Irka’s refusal to, which makes Rouk angry. He covers up by promising more and leads the others back home. Hmm. I’m doubting the whole attack thing. 
  • Nora and the rest begin planning. The Tangas refuse to help, and will not give their answer about whether they will at least guard the children.
  • Plan executed. It is successful. Irkas are imprisoned. How in the world would this work? At all?
  • Due to lack of permanent and stable structure, guard is posted at all times. So we admit we have no jail but no no army?
  • Rouk escapes. When the others see him, he tries to seduce them again but they refuse. Go here. Also I want Rouk to kill Bob at some point, and for that to be when Atkin doesn’t like him anymore. 
  • The council argues about what to do. Once Rouk is gone, they allow a delegate from the Irkas to attend council meetings with no vote. There is still a guard. Ha, that would be funny. So much attacking.
  •  Settlement uneasy, riots?

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