Council Meeting One

Post-Draft Council Meeting One

Jacques: I don’t really know how this works. Do we need to pick something to talk about?

Zena: Someone has to propose a topic, yes.

Atkin: Do we really need the formality? We already have our ‘topic.’

Zena: Really? You’re such an expert, please enlighten us.

Jacques: (clears throat) If you mean the draft crisis—

Atkin: Of course I do! We’ve got, how many kids stuck here,

Zena: You’re going to have to be more specific if you want to start a discussion. How many citizens?

Atkin: You don’t know, do you?


Zena: No, I don’t.

Atkin: exactly! We’ve got no idea what to do. That’s what we’ve got to figure out.


Sheen: Are you proposing that we decide to talk about deciding what to do?

Nora: Aren’t we already doing that?

Zena: No, he’s clearly coming up with a precise plan on saving the colony from an unspecified disaster.

Atkin: What is it with you? I’m trying to motivate us to actually do what they actually elected us to do—

Nora: (quietly) if you call that an election.

Atkin: We’re in a serious situation, and all you do it make fun of me!

Zena: lighten up.

Sheen: Actually, I think you’ve already picked our first plan of action. A census. The soldiers weren’t nice enough to leave their list, so we’ll make our own.

Zena: We’re going to start counting people? That’s the big decision?

Jacques: How can we lead if we don’t know who we’re leading?

Zena: How long did it take you to come up with that catchphrase?

Jacques: You do know that this is being recorded—

Zena: Who’s going to be listening to it? Our non-existent Council Secretary?

Nora: Would you shut up? What’s your problem, anyway?

Zena: well—

Nora: You wanted to be in here so bad and all you’ve done so far is whine. Two people have actually tried to find a direction, and you aren’t one of them. You’re just a roadblock. Did it occur to you that maybe a census is the only way to find out what the problems actually are?

Sheen: where did you come from?

Nora: The old council never stuck their noses outside this door. I noticed.

Sheen: Here I thought your boyfriend coerced you into coming.

Nora: He isn’t my—

Jacques: that’s irrelevant. Are we agreed on a census? It shouldn’t take very long.

Zena: It would appear so.

Atkin: now is as good a time as any.

Jacques: alright then.

End Recording.


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