Council Meeting Two

Council Meeting Two

Jacques: Meeting to order. So who would like to go first with their presentation?

Sheen: Actually I think Nora should introduce her friend first.

Nora: Oh. This is Fawn. She’s from the Ledges.

Zena: I can see that.

Nora: She came to me this morning with a request for help.

Zena: Oh? What was this request? Nothing involving Usome, I take it? Or maybe something controversial?

Fawn: Not exactly…

Jacques: Please inform us.

Fawn: Ok. I live on the Ledges—

Zena: I can SEE that.

Fawn: Please don’t interrupt me. It’s very annoying.

(Awkward silence)

Zena: Sorry.

Fawn: So I’ve had a boyfriend for a while, and we have wanted to be married ever since we turned seventeen, but we were afraid our parents wouldn’t let us. He kept our relationship a secret, but my parents knew and weren’t very happy about it. Well our parents were all drafted. He has a twin sister but no other siblings. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. Now that we are by ourselves we want to get married. We’ve talked about it a lot and the social climate still makes us nervous. We want the support of the council.

Zena: so you went to Nora.

Fawn: Mashomi council members are most neutral.

Zena: says who?

Fawn: common knowledge.

Sheen: I hate to break up the catfight here, but maybe we could understand your situation more if you told us about who your boyfriend is.

Fawn: Oh. Right. Well. His name is Timnere.

Atkin: Timnere…

Fawn: Son of Unsil.

Zena: Where were you planning to live, exactly?

Fawn: Well…we figured we wouldn’t really be welcome either place…so we were thinking Traveler’s Rest.

Nora: I don’t know how well that will go over.

Zena: why? You are supposed to be “neutral.”

Nora: Oh, you’re really one to talk.

Zena: Fawn. You do realize that Usome and Kenezai do not mix.

Fawn: WE realize that it doesn’t happen but that doesn’t mean it can’t.

Zena: Look. Kids can be just as mean as adults. I don’t think this is a good idea right now.

Fawn: But she said…the sneak-elf said—

Sheen: I have a name. And I would like it used. Also I exist and am staring you in the face. So talk to me.

Fawn: I’m sorry. You said that we would build a strong colony that doesn’t kill itself over religion.

Atkin: Yeah Sheen, start churning our propaganda.

Sheen: That’s completely irrelevant.

Atkin: Time to keep those campaign promises!

Sheen: Shut it. Fawn, I don’t know. I’ll help. But I think you should consider the Hills for a home.

Jacques: Or the Slope. We really are neutral.

Nora: If we’re trying to promote tolerance why don’t you stay on the Ledges? Or the Pieshop.

Atkin: I really don’t think that’s going to happen.

Zena: Nope. I get hated on for having a job.

Sheen: You really picked the two religions that hate each other the most.

Jacques: Maybe you could step outside, Fawn? Go on home, we’ll talk about it, send Nora to tell you what we decide.

Fawn: Oh…ok. Ok. Thank you.

(Door closes.)

Zena: Nora, what—

Sheen: You don’t need to hate on her now.

Atkin: Don’t interrupt, especially when she has a right to say it.

Sheen: Really? A right?

Atkin: We all have a right to talk here. Let her speak.

Zena: Thank you for defending me so graciously. I’m sure you must feel the gentleman now.

Atkin: say something to Nora or sit down and shut up.

Nora: I know, I know, she just came to me and I just wanted to help and I didn’t know what to do! Please don’t kill me because your citizen talked to me.

(Long silence)

Zena: I wasn’t going to kill you, Nora. I wasn’t even going to criticize you much. Please calm down.

Nora: you’re sure you aren’t mad at me?

Zena: I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at her.  For many reasons. Shall I list them?

Jacques: I think perhaps we should go off record for a minute. This is so personal.

Sheen: Who do you thinks going to listen to this? A council secretary is the least of our worries.

Jacques: If you say so. I think we should get this over with though.

Nora: get what over with?

Jacques: All the ranting. The verbal smacking of your forehead. Then we can decide what to do.

Sheen: that’s actually quite logical.

Jacques: Thank you. So Zena, care to go first?


Zena: don’t laugh, Atkin, you’ll probably do the same thing.

Atkin: And you’ll be laughing then.

Zena: I suppose. (beat). So…Nora, that girl came to you just because of your area and you agreed? Talk about upholding stereotypes!

Sheen: Are you going to help?

Zena: I’m not done yet, but that leads to my point. Of course not. The girl’s just making trouble. Her mother wasn’t Usomian. She’s the bottom of the chain anyway and decides to take it out on everyone. It’s in her family.

Jacques: So she’s getting married just to have revenge?

Zena: Also, we don’t need this right now, we don’t want a riot. And we don’t want people getting the wrong ideas of who’s allowed to do whatever they want now that their parents are gone. People will not take this lightly. Right, Atkin?

Atkin: Yes. People know their parents rules, and that is what they will fall back on.

Sheen: But what about you? You don’t support this, do you? Zena doesn’t.

Atkin: On the contrary, I am in full support of the idea of tolerance.

Nora: well duh, so say we all, but do we do it?

Sheen: I’d bet if we did a poll that’s what people would say. But sometimes it’s hard to recognize tolerance when it actually happens.

Nora: if we do this wedding, people will grumble, but how many will actually be violent about it? We could use it as a test to see how people feel.

Jacques: or we could keep it private.

Nora: that would be beside the point. We have to face the problem in order to see how big it really is.

Sheen: If we have it and people don’t cause a problem, that’s great, and if there’s a riot, it’ll come across as cruel, particularly if we make sure people know how much they want this.

Zena: that’s…pragmatic.

Jacques: people could get hurt.

Sheen: so make sure they’re some thugs at the wedding to shut down any real trouble.

Jacques: a brute squad?

Nora: a police force.

Zena: I like it. A public wedding. We’ll have to find out what ceremony they want.

Jacques: so, we’re agreed?

Atkin: I don’t like it, but…fine. I feel like I’d be shouted down.

Jacques: All in favor?

Many voices: aye

Atkin: nay.

Jacques: it passes. Meeting adjourned.

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