Of Fires and Fleeting Chapters

Yes, this is another of my short little efforts, and I am not altogether happy with it but I am satisfied, for now. One more step on the journey to reach my ending. This is just Cragg and Nora (finally) meeting and, basically, getting over themselves. No kissing though. Too many people in the room :).

At some point in the near future I’ll post an added piece (I still have to write it, but I WILL) which should go much earlier in the story and foreshadow what’s to come. It’s about Nora and the supply cart.

Until next time.

This May be Harder than I Thought

Well, comrades, I wrote another chapter, and will attempt another today, (if I can dig myself out of the homework mountain), and I feel that I may have been a little rash with my end of October goal. I want to get this done so badly, but the 31st is approaching awfully fast.

I could get this done if I wanted too. I managed to pull 30,000 words out last year, despite starting out so behind, and I could totally do this one too. However, I think there is something else going on. I have a fear of endings, as I have a fear of titles. I have read so many books with anticlimactic or botched endings, and I am so afraid of doing the same thing. Despite its problems, I am prouder of this story than I am of anything I have ever written, and I don’t want to mangle it. This is why, although I do have a plan for ending it, I haven’t put as much effort into reaching that ending as I should have.

This Is Me Fist-Pumping


This chapter is short (2 1/4 pages) and largely comedy. BUT it is an important chapter. It is important because, as I will announce dramatically:

This is it, people. The beginning of the end. The final season. The fourth quarter. (See, I made a football reference. That’s how excited I am.) The darkness before the dawn. Look, I don’t know what else to call it but relief. Pure, solid relief. Casually-swiping-the-sweat-off-your-forehead-relief. Because I have found solid ground. I see an end. I will keep it in my sights and I will finish.

Steady feet, don’t fail me now.

No way to go but forward.

Full steam ahead.

Chapter Thirty Six

This chapter I am definitely marking for revision when I get around to it. Not because it’s bad, per say, but I’d really like to do redo the Sheen/Jacques scene and put Zena into it. Someday…

Also, I realize this is short, and I’m so sorry for abusing the word “chapter” so much. I promise something longer and more chapter-like next time.

Chapter Thirty Four

Another short one, but my focus was waning and I decided to leave it with a decent hook for the next one. We’ll see when that is. My birthday’s tomorrow, and I have to work on a story for my grandpa’s birthday, which is also coming up soon. Hmm, maybe I should put that on here too.

Chapter Thirty Three

I feel really good about the direction this took. It’s a very short piece, and should probably go with the chapter from yesterday, when I get around to changing things. But yeah, I like it. I think I know where to go from here, which is the question I’ve been worrying about.

Also, the other day at the fireworks, I cracked a glow stick and it exploded. The blanket and my legs were covered with glowing spots. I looked like the Nav’i from Avatar. I popped a glow stick. I didn’t know that could even happen! Should I be worried about creepy glowing toxins?

Chapter Thirty One…Finally

Nothing like a month-long hiatus in the middle of a chapter. I swear the way this meeting was going to go changed about ten times as I was writing it, which is one reason it took so long. I NEVER expected it end the way it did, and I really like it, but I have, once again, no idea where we’re headed. In the long run anyway. But here is the long delayed chapter. If it does what I hope it does, it leaves the waters even murkier.

Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty! Didn’t ever think I’d have that many!

Less than a thousand to go!

(it’s 11/29/11 btw.)

Chapter Twenty Nine

And now we come to the part of the show where I sit back, stare at my computer screen, and say, “well frick me.”

Let me explain:

First, Chapter Twenty Nine is about a page and a half long, has no external dialogue and is one of those pieces where I can’t decide if I love it or want to burn it.

Second, I don’t know if this happens to other writers but it certainly happens to me: I hear the words in my head as I write them down. The best writing streaks are where you write like five pages and didn’t “plan” most of them. So anyway, I finished this little Sheena piece, (did I mention my story and I have a very love/hate relationship right now?) and the words I heard next were “Part Two.”


(On a related not, I looked at that outline again the other day and I was like what the heck, I’ve writing 93 pages of this thing and I’m halfway through a just-over-a-page-ish outline that doesn’t even have an ending?? What in the world is in those 93 pages?)

I don’t know if anyone is actually, like, reading this story or anything but they would probably agree that not much has happened plotwise, am I right?

So yeah. Story of my writing life…stuff happens and I follow it.

Chapter Twenty Eight

Hmm, we’ve got an interesting combination here:

1. Sheena=angst

2. Nora and Zena playing let’s-lampshade-stuff-and-make-fun-of-me.

3. Yay plans!

Also, back in the real world, November 30th is approaching and I am on track! OH THE NERVES.

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