Original Jhacks was comic relief. Purely. I mean, that’s all he did. He was descended from some original people who lived there generations ago, and the only interesting thing about him was that Nora hired him to baby-sit Petto, which is really stupid because a) what the heck is she so busy doing? and b) Jhacks is like the most incompetent person ever and Nora spends most of her time rescuing Petto from Perilous Situations and then yelling at Jhacks about it. He is the first character I knew I had to alter, starting with a good spelling of his name.

The essence of his character, (fairly light-hearted, slightly clueless) I kept, because I do know people like that (namely me) and I didn’t need a whole cast of depressed people (Nora, Atkin, Cragg, Sheen). Jacques is optimistic, which is good because he has the worst home life of ¬†anyone, as he lives with his alcoholic father in the worst neighborhood (the Slope) and Laios missionaries come knocking on his door every other day.

I really am not nice to any of them, am I? I haven’t even posted about Zena, who is made fun of all the time by her sexist community, or Sheena, who is struggling with an identity crisis.