Sections of the Colony

There are five sectors of the colony, each centered around a mountain-ish landmass. These are the same from the original, with a possible change regarding the Pass (formerly home of the Tangas; however I’m strongly considering relocating them to Mt. Yenin.)

Here is a map I made for the original story way back when:


orange=Nora's land (colony), blue=Tangas, purple=Irkas

Here is a new map, made from Nora’s perspective:

Grayish lines=official paths/section perimeters, solid lines=Nora's known shortcuts. Slang names used.

And here is the official council map:

Area numbers used. Non-offensive common names in quotations.


So. That is the basic layout of the Snow Mountains. (I’m finding myself with not much to say here…)


I dubbed Snow Mountains “soft-core fantasy” because it is fantasy in the sense that I made up the place (The Snow Mountains are located in the fictional country of Kana) but there is no magic or anything totally inconceivable. What I call soft-core fantasy exists in a world that could be our own, where the physics and the people are familiar.

The names of the original places remain the same in the new version. The main difference is how they are used. In the original, the mountains got fairly warm but never melted. The people who inhabited them had for generations, despite several problems of violence and a few displacements. The current members of the families who were tied to the land were children, the last pieces of a feud between their parents. (More on that later.) It was all a bit melodramatic.

The first thing I changed was to add tons more people. The snow mountains became a colony, consisting of people of many religions and cultures. As in the original, Uto is the nearest Kanian town, which supplies the still-young colony with food and cast-off clothing. Oh, and the mountains are cold most of the time, as I couldn’t find a logical reason they wouldn’t be.