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Did I scare anyone with that post two days ago? Because I admit I scared myself. I sat down today to begin chapter thirty something and then chickened out.

So, I decided I need a goal. Here it is: I will be done with Snow by the end of October. The reason for this is that I have to decide if I want to do National Novel Writing Month again. I have a few projects in mind, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea to start another big project with this one undone.

I work better with goals. I work even better when there is a promise of something flashing a “YOUU FAIIIILLLL” sign in my face if I don’t make it. That’s why nanowrimo works so well for me. So in order for this goal to work I need to take it seriously. I must think of it as a deadline, not just a goal. (Because really, the last thing I need is more stress. We’re officially one month out from election day. Everyone be thinking about who you’ll vote for! Sorry, I work at a campaign. I can’t help it.)

In other news: there’s a new Poem for the Week. Yeah, I get no one’s reading it but it’s fun to update anyway.



(I also broke 100 pages. The chapter isn’t done yet, though. I’m just relieved to be done with the craziness.)

Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty! Didn’t ever think I’d have that many!

Less than a thousand to go!

(it’s 11/29/11 btw.)

Chapter Twenty Nine

And now we come to the part of the show where I sit back, stare at my computer screen, and say, “well frick me.”

Let me explain:

First, Chapter Twenty Nine is about a page and a half long, has no external dialogue and is one of those pieces where I can’t decide if I love it or want to burn it.

Second, I don’t know if this happens to other writers but it certainly happens to me: I hear the words in my head as I write them down. The best writing streaks are where you write like five pages and didn’t “plan” most of them. So anyway, I finished this little Sheena piece, (did I mention my story and I have a very love/hate relationship right now?) and the words I heard next were “Part Two.”


(On a related not, I looked at that outline again the other day and I was like what the heck, I’ve writing 93 pages of this thing and I’m halfway through a just-over-a-page-ish outline that doesn’t even have an ending?? What in the world is in those 93 pages?)

I don’t know if anyone is actually, like, reading this story or anything but they would probably agree that not much has happened plotwise, am I right?

So yeah. Story of my writing life…stuff happens and I follow it.

Chapter Twenty Eight

Hmm, we’ve got an interesting combination here:

1. Sheena=angst

2. Nora and Zena playing let’s-lampshade-stuff-and-make-fun-of-me.

3. Yay plans!

Also, back in the real world, November 30th is approaching and I am on track! OH THE NERVES.

Chapter Twenty Seven

Presenting…national Hate On Nora chapter. Includes an exclusive look What Really Bugs Sheena!

Yeah, so I’m a terrible salesman. But that is what’s in here. Fun stuff.

(No seriously, I’m happy with it. Mostly.)

Chapter Twenty Six

Ah, chaos. And Nora’s stupidity biting her in the butt. And awkward racist comments. And Trish getting angry. And Jacques being a boss.

Chapter Twenty Six, welcome to the story.

(Not my favorite but pretty good. And sets up for some awesome bickering next scene. See you then!)

Chapter Twenty Five

Here is the full thing for the teaser. Let’s hear it for four-hour car trips! I’m caught up from yesterday and today.

I’m pretty happy with this one–the dialogue is a little clunky but I think I found the backstory I want. And so far I am pretty pleased with Trish. Also Nora has finally done something sketchy of which I totally don’t approve but am thrilled that it happened because, yay conflict and character ambiguity!

Chapter Teaser

So I didn’t finish the chapter today, and I wasn’t expecting to, as I plan to do lots of work in the car tomorrow, but here is a little bit of the next chapter just because posts make me feel accomplished: (and the goal is intrigue.)

Chapter Twenty Five

Another girl lunged forward and pulled the first one away by the shoulder. At the same time, Nora scrambled to her feet, feeling all the places she’d be bruised later on. Between that and the fact that most of the words running through her head were ones she would never say aloud in front of her sister, she wasn’t thinking about diplomacy or her role on the Council. She was just sore and confused. “WHO are YOU?”

No one spoke. Nora looked more closely at the people clustered against the far wall of the cave. There were three adults and four children. The oldest three looked about her own age and one was younger, maybe eleven or twelve. It was she who answered Nora’s urgent question.

“Tanga.” She was skinny and had cropped mousy brown hair.

“Hush.” The girl who had pulled the blonde girl away from Nora said. She advanced toward Nora, chin in the air. “Go back where you come from.”

Nora self-consciously brushed off her clothes. “Who are you?” she repeated.

“Trish.” She said, short and harsh.

“Trish,” Nora repeated. Trish had black hair tied back. She had a narrow face and quick-moving eyes. Nora was deeply reminded of Sheen. “I’m Nora.” She held her hand back.

Trish slapped it away. “Go back! You didn’t take this mountain. It’s ours! You have yours!”

Nora held up her hands defensively. “Hey, I don’t want the mountain! I don’t even know who you are.”

Trish leapt at her and shoved her to the ground. Instantly, one of the two men seized her and pulled her away from Nora, who wondered how many times she would end up on the ground.

The man asked Trish something in another language. Nora became even more lost as to who she might have stumbled upon.



Just for kicks and giggles:

I put my original outline (which doesn’t even have an ending, though I might have found something-ish here) on the Re-imagined Page here. I added comments about how it’s changed and just how dumb some of the original stuff was. Look at me, I was so prepared, and now I’ve got chapters that have come out of nowhere and seventy nine pages of about a third of my outline, maybe a bit more. (This is HUGE. ((both literally and figuratively)) as I’ve never done something this bug. Nanowrimo, what hast thou done to me?)

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