Chapter Three

It’s kind of short, but so far I am happiest with Chapter Three. Because Zena finally isn’t mowed down by sexism and Sheena says this awesome thing (Which will probably come off as super cheesy when I read it in a year, but oh well. It was a fun first attempt.)

I wasn’t quite expecting it to cut off the way it did, but I like cool ending lines. I still feel happy when I reach what I feel to be a satisfactory ending. And I’ll probably jump to the first council meeting in chapter four. I don’t feel like writing a bunch of election speeches, which would probably all be lame anyway.

Anyway, here is chapter three.

Chapter Two

Lookie, lookie! (I am new enough at this blogging thing that I am still excited when I have a substantial update.)

I have finished Chapter Two (really the second half of chapter one.) It is a chapter which features both action (well, somewhat) and character-building teary scenes. It also includes the first public mentions of: Zena’s sexist community, Sheena’s identity clash, the formality of Kenezai, Cragg’s disconnection from his parents, and What is Likely to Happen to Nora if She Lets her Emotional Problems Run Away From Her.

It was fun to write. I like writing emotion.


Chapter One

I finished a chapter!

My inner-doubter didn’t think it would happen, but it did, and there is now a new page for chapter one. This is exciting because I have now started the story, introduced characters, and can actually have stuff happen.

About the pages: I wanted to just have a “Re-imagined” page with a list of links to subpages with chapters, but I, embarrassingly, have not figured out how to do that yet. (This is why the Original story page has all the chapters on one page with a lot of page jumps.) I plan to peruse the help topics sometime soon.

The Next Day — Ha! I figured it out! There is now a Re-imagined Story page with a Chapter One link on it. (Look, I just did it again. I will now link all announcements to their relevant pages.)


I’ve created several religions in the Snow Mountains world (which actually involves several other countries.) I wanted to use it as a conflict source between areas of the mountains because how much violence in our world is religion-caused? Lots. Something people care so much about will eventually cause conflict. Anyway, because the main characters all end up on the council and therefore from different areas, they are all from different religions. (With the exception of Jacques, who is from the non-religious area.) The areas are called by their slang names here.

Usome: This is what I’d call an evolved polytheism. There are six gods, and they all cover very broad areas. There are no little gods, just six. This is Zena’s religion, from the Ledges. Read more Here.

Mashomi: this is a spirit-based religion. The idea is that everything has a spirit. The actual form in Kana is called Kanosian, because it is slightly different. It is more ritualistic than other forms and has spirits which are more important than others. This is Nora’s religion, from Traveler’s Rest, (though Nora is fairly agnostic.)

Kenezai: This is a very order-based religion. There are thirteen gods, called holy ones, twelve lords and one lady. Members of this religion follow certain rules and rituals. They also believe in a fixed fate. This is Atkin’s religion, from the Pieshop. (So called because women are the most strictly defined by religious rules. Zena also faces much sexist prejudice, but that is more of a social tradition, as Usome has no written religious material.)

Sneak-elf: The sneak-elves are a separate race which originally inhabited the Hokfeal forest in western Kana, but they have since spread out. They do not actually have much of an organized religion, but as their skin tone and mannerisms are different, they face a lot of prejudice, often called “dirty sneak-elves.” They occupy the Dirty Hills.