Chapter Thirty Seven and Other Unexpected Things

Hey, look what happened! I like it because things happen. First we go to Trish in her own home, and then to a council meeting, and then to Cragg taking a step which will hopefully kick off some action!

As to the other things: I am not actually that worried about schoolwork for once, I am almost healthy, and I’ve added my first non-english ¬†swear word to the story. Trish says it. I really don’t feel like I want to keep the damns and shits when I revise this thing, but I need to do some serious thinking about what to do in place of it…I hate when fantasy novels have people swear by ordinary things like Rocks! Sands! Seems ineffective in my mind. Anyway, put that on my list for draft 2. (oooh god, I am not writing a whole ‘nother one of these. Revision, not rewriting. I can’t handle that.)

A Strange Thing: This morning I woke up with no voice due to a cold and when I sneezed, it came back! Weird!